Have Drone Can Fly has become an industry that knows no limits. Our focus to to provide clients with the high quality aerial video production and photography from a unique angle like none other. With today’s advanced digitized world, we are here to attract and keep your customers. A video is a great way to launch or promote your business— for all marketing purposes.




Clayton wears the numerous hats required of a small business. With equal passions for art, technology and entrepreneurship, he lives for the creative rigor of a new challenge and business relationship. His diverse skills and leadership fuel our multi-disciplinary team to reach for greater heights.



From pre-to-post production, Madison leaves her fingerprint on every project. She is our quality control and aesthetic direction. Her natural eye for editing and aesthetics provide a wealth of artistic sensibility while running all social media.


Annie (Da Booms)

I love hiking up mountains and long walks. I will eat any food I can find - and I mean any. When the humans are filming, I stare out the window just thinking of how much better I could be making their shots, just waiting for them to come home so I can tell them. I put my paw on any project that I can.