What do we do?

This is a website dedicated to sharing copyright-free art under the legal license. The website claims over 100,000 contributing artists and students generate more than 9 billion photo impressions per month on their growing library of over 690,000 art pieces.


Project Impact

I believe that Creators Connect will have a huge impact on the art world. Creators Connect allows artists to upload artwork to its website, which are then sorted through by a team of artists. The team will daily pick feature works that will be posted under the feature page. The permissive copyright terms on art has led many people who are creating websites or writing articles to have to buy the rights for art which can be a very expensive and long process. Creators Connect is a completely free to use. We believe that this will give it the ability to become one of the largest art suppliers on the internet, with its members' artworks frequently appearing on articles.

- Clayton


Art and Culture

Another book we were inspired by was Pop Cultured by Steve Turner. In his chapter about photography he noted that the artist is the person behind the camera. They decide how the art is viewed. Also that photography is a “True expression of what one feels about life in it’s eternity. (p. 192)” Every person will take a different photo of the same thing and have a different interpretation. Just as everyone who later views that photo will see it through the lens of their own life.

- Krystina

Mission In Depth

We want to create a website in where any kind of person can see a different kind of art and use them for advertisement or decoration or any other things if they want or just to explore other people arts. The only thing they have to do is to give credit to the creator, with this in mind we want to also provide support to those great artists who are willing to upload their creations by spreading their art and be recognized by others throughout the world.

- Debora


Faith and Creativity

Creators Connect is a platform for new artists to express their unique views and share them with others. Both artists and not. One of our inspirations is the book Artisan’s Soul by Erwin McManus. In it he says “Art is an expression of your essence (p. 36)”. Creators Connect offers creators a space to share their individual expressions. In addition, the quote “We have to believe that there is a story we are supposed to be in, a story that is bigger than us and, because of that, a story that makes us bigger (p. 45).” Within Creators Connect artists are given the opportunity to meet and collaborate with others. And finally, “There will always be conflicting voices within us - those that whisper about the great dreams waiting to be realized and those that scream that we lack the talent or creativity to achieve them (p. 61)”. Creators Connect is a platform to push yourself into action. A place to put your art and have it seen. To grow as an artist and even as a business.

- Krystina